We provide retail training tailored specifically for your business.

Retail Training Australia is transforming how an organisation and their staff learn in a modern, efficient, and flexible environment. Using RTA’s E-Learning packages and state of the art training management systems, modeled to your organisations requirements. You will always be informed and aware of your employee’s progress and skill development. E-Learning is not only interactive but tangible and tailored to your meet your organisation’s needs.

Retail Training Australia (RTA) will assist your workforce with an up-to-date and effective training program in an environment that will facilitate and promote motivated, skilled and knowledgeable workers.


RTA’s E-Learning programs are custom written and designed to meet your organisation’s requirements. The web-based training allows the trainers to update lessons and materials across the program instantly, ensuring that all training is up to date and relevant to the retail industry and specifically your business.]

Why not have your organisation obtain great returns on your investment with high quality and highly advanced training, allowing team members to increase their job skills providing increased profitability in return to your business, with minimal disruption to business operation.

A partnership with RTA will provide a better skilled, better performing workforce today, with a direct impact of increasing your bottom line profitability.

Why E-Learning?

E-Learning is immediate and flexible, you can deliver training anywhere at anytime, all you need is a computer and internet access, only a few clicks and training can begin now, 24 hours a day.

According to Training Magazine, Corporations save between 50-70% when replacing instructor lead training with electronic content delivery. Many businesses benefit from not losing an employee for entire days at a time. With 80% of current businesses already having access to computers the process is effective, providing staff with nationally recognised qualifications whilst implementing their skills in the workplace while they learn.

Technology-based solutions allow more room for individual differences in learning styles whilst being specifically designed for your organisation.

E-Learning experiences enhance students retention rates as they are set in a comfortable location, studying at a convenient time for them, having access to a range of resources and online trainers. Studies have proven that those who learn online are more connected to their training than those who are exposed to classroom discussions and interruptions. E-Learning is less intimidating to individuals and the intensive E-Learning experiences enhance retention rates by 25-60% verses class room environments.

E-Learning is convenient, providing a balance between work demands and home enabling flexibility between the two.